Mt. Si, a 4167ft tall peak on the western edge of the Cascade mountain range in Washington state, towers over the scenic Snoqualmie valley and the small city of North Bend. The mountain is a remnant of an “oceanic plate” volcano whose sheer rock face presents an impressive view to all in Seattle and the region to the east.

The mountain was named after a local homesteader Josiah “Uncle Si” Merritt who was one of the early pioneers in the Pacific Northwest.  Mt Si along with the city of North Bend was made famous by the well known American filmmaker David Lynch in the television series “ Twin Peaks”.

Mt. Si, 40 miles east of Seattle, is a favorite outdoor destination for hikers in the Puget Sound region with an estimated 50,000 visitors annually.  The trail (Big Si Trail) begins at the 700ft. level and ends about four miles later at the summit. The final 300 feet, known as “Haystack”, requires the use of hands at times due to its steep angle of ascent. One false step could result in a potentially fatal fall of hundreds of feet down the steep face.  Much of the hike is under a lush evergreen canopy, but once the summit is reached, the spectacular view is worth it, stretching from Mt. Ranier to the Olympic Mountains west and north to the Canadian border.

Mt Si is currently used as a training ground for our fine troops stationed at Fort Lewis, helping them to prepare for the tough terrain in the mountains of Afghanistan. Our endless thanks and support go out to them!  As Mt. Si is a favorite destination for those in the region, we invite you to make Mt. Si Coffee Roasters your destination for a great cup of premium fresh roasted coffee!


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