Summer is upon us! On a hot day, it’s hard to beat the refreshing jolt of a flavorful cold brew, which can be the perfect way to bring out a coffee bean’s most subtle flavors.

Of course, not all beans are created equal and some benefit from the “ice treatment” more than others. And while pretty much all of our coffee blends are fantastic over ice, here are our recommended Mt. Si blends you can whip up at home for the best results!

Our Mt. Si Colombian Supremo: Nutty and mild acidity, this roast boasts a fabulous glass iced! You determine how strong or light you wish. A great flavor for nearly any iced coffee connoisseur.

Mt. Si Cascade Blend: With light herbal tones, this blend features a chocolatey, sweet flavor which is amazing over ice.

Mt Si Sumatran Swiss Water Process Decaf: For decaf, whip up some of this premium blend and enjoy the best flavor caffeine-free over ice!

Last but not least…

Our Mt. Si Twin Peaks Blend: A medium-dark roast, this incredible blend features a velvety, citrusy, floral flavor combined with sweet milk chocolate, nutty overtones. Makes a perfect iced coffee.

Always ensure your beans are fresh ground for optimal results!

Of course all of our blends are delicious over ice. So be sure to stop by our online store and check out our latest special! Get a FREE 12oz. bag of our Twin Peaks Blend with every purchase of $50 or more.

As always, we thank you for your current and continued support during these challenging times. You are appreciated!


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