A shout out to Sean Simpson for the great pics taken from Haystack Summit on Mt. Si a few weeks back! Sean works at the green room up here in Auburn, WA, where I pick up my green beans prior to roasting. thanks for all of your help with my coffee needs!

Haystack basin, at the 3900 ft. level, is a great place to catch a panoramic view of Mt. Ranier, Seattle and the Olympic Mountains to the west, as well as the Snoqualmie Valley below. The final 300 feet (Haystack) is left for only the most experienced at climbing as seen by Sean’s pics. (Yes, he is an experienced rock climber.) A fall off haystack is going to be uncontrolled. People have been seriously injured or lost their lives as a result.

Our Haystack blend is a medium plus blend with a full, velvety body. we use an organic Mexican Chiapas along with our select micro-lot Guatemalan coffees in this blend, roasting the coffee to just the right amount, bringing out hints of chocolate. a slight nuttiness can also be picked up.

no climbing experience required for drinking our haystack blend! you may find an uncontrolled liking for this coffee and may become seriously hooked on its taste!



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