For so many of us, coffee is such a huge part of starting the day, especially for creatives.  Artists, writers, creators, visionaries, and other creative minds really tend to benefit from that Cup of Joe energy burst, especially first thing in the morning.  Nothing starts the day better than a great cup of coffee.  But are coffee and creativity really linked? You bet they are!

How Coffee Affects the Brain

When caffeine hits the brain, it feels great, right? What happens is the caffeine suppresses a neurotransmitter called “Adenosine,” which influences attention, alertness, and sleep. It builds up in your brain as the day goes on, kind of like mercury rising in a thermometer. When adenosine hits a certain level, your body decides it’s time shut down for the night. At that point, you might then have trouble staying awake and paying attention. When you sleep, adenosine resets itself… the “brain thermometer” drops back to zero during the night, and you wake up in the morning alert and ready to go.

Caffeine actually blocks the adenosine receptors, which keeps you feeling alert and on top of your game, even when your brain would usually be trying to slow down a bit. Because of this, coffee not only increases our energy and keeps us from being sleepy, but it helps our concentration. That’s why when we drink a cup of coffee before working, we feel like we can really focus and get things done.

Coffee and Creative Focus

Since coffee keeps us focused, the caffeinated brain will tend to stay focus on a given task quite well, for a number of hours. And while coffee might not necessarily lend itself to “mind-wandering,” it does on some level play a role in the creative process. Perhaps that super “awake” feeling creates a synergy with the creative mind. There’s no doubt coffee has always been popular among writers, artists, visionaries, and creators. The desire to let the mind wander, and create ideas and thoughts, magically blends with that morning coffee blast, and before you know it… BAM!  All those creative ideas come into laser focus… and before you know it, you have your creative output.  We think that’s pretty cool!

The Ritual of Coffee

For most of us, when we reach for our favorite coffee, we revere it as far more than merely a hot beverage. It becomes a ritual… an essential part of our day.  It encourages creativity, camaraderie, community, and so much more.

So pour yourself a fabulous cup of Mt. Si Coffee and get those ritualistic, creative juices flowing. You might create something fabulous in the process!

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