Spring is In The Air!

With the changing of seasons, there are a whole lot of things to do, especially when the weather warms up! Plan an outdoor adventure, handle your Spring cleaning, connect with friends and loved ones, etc. Looking for some fun things to do this Spring? Check out these 7  ideas!

Idea 1: Take a camping trip: Pack your bags, grab your shoes, and set up your tents. Spring is a wonderful season to go camping. It doesn’t matter if you do it in your backyard or you plan to go out of town, as the season lets you be as close to nature. It’s a great time to set up camp, roast marshmallows, talk about camping adventures and watch the stars.

Idea 2: Do some gardening: Spring gardening is a fun and exciting activity after the long and cold winter season. It is the perfect season for you to plant and tend to your garden because the sun is out and the earth is fresh. There’s nothing like a little dirt therapy to make your day!

Idea 3: Take a day to “Go Fly a Kite”: Did you know? Kite flying has been a Spring tradition for over two thousand years. Not only does it give you the thrill of flying seeing your kite in the air, it also gives you the chance to get outdoors, take in some fresh air, and actually express your creativity.

Idea 4: Plan a nature hike: Spring is indeed the best time to get out “take a hike.” The trees and flowers are in bloom, the earth is fresh yet still cool and new signs of life can be seen everywhere! What a great time to explore new trails and terrain you haven’t experienced before.

Idea 5: Take an evening stroll: Spring evenings are magical and beautiful. The air is sweet, cool, and quiet as the flowers twinkle under the light of the night sky. It’s a perfect time to take an evening stroll and arrange to have dinner in your backyard.

Idea 6: Plan a picnic: Picnics are such a fun way to gather the family and spend quality time. Considering it’s hard to gather the family at the dinner table, why not arrange a picnic to have friends around, as well? Pack your meal, pick your picnic blanket, and take it outside.

Idea 7: Visit a flower farm! If you haven’t visited a flower farm before, you are missing out on a real treat! There’s nothing like roaming around an array of beautiful flowers. Go with friends or loved ones. Take pics and post them on social media, or simply keep them as your own personal mementos.

Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t forget to enjoy and savor a fabulous cup of coffee before heading out. Nothing gets the blood flowing better or faster.

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